We are ready to arrange a meeting for you or to take you to the airport / railway station. At your service there is a car and a driver who will make sure that your journey is comfortable. To order a transfer, simply specify the service when booking. The meeting service is available only for guaranteed reservation and is paid separately.


For a trip to Russia, almost all foreign citizens require a visa.
Invitation price is 1 000 ₽ per person.
Payment by VISA, MasterCard
Instant confirmation




You are waited by various kinds of massage, from classical, to exotic: Thai, anticellulite, relaxing, restoring and many other things.
The massage room is open daily from 10:00 to 22:00.


Sauna, swimming pool, cozy sitting area with soft leather sofas, armchairs, table and TV - all this will allow you to relax and relax. When you visit the sauna, bath amenities are provided: a towel, slippers, sheets.
The service is included in the room rate - 1 hour per a day.

Additional time is paid -
Additional time is paid -1000 rubles / hour.


The gym in the hotel has all the necessary equipment for sports: power trainers, exercise bike, treadmill, dumbbells, as well as a shower and a cooler with water. For table tennis fans, there is a tennis table in the gym. Rackets and a ball you can take on the reception desk. The gym is open around the clock. A visit to the hotel is free of charge.


For your convenience, the hotel offers a wide range of services to solve the main problems associated with washing, ironing and dry cleaning of linen. While you are relaxing in the hotel, your clothes or underwear will be thoroughly washed and ironed. To do this, just put your things in a special package, which is located in the locker of each room, and fill out the application form. By the time you specified, things will be ready.


The hotel has a permanent offer – “The whole world is connected with the Markstadt hotel" You can make a free phone call to anywhere in the world of a special phone at the reception desk (including local calls, calls to Russia, CIS countries and far abroad).


For the comfort of our guests we offer a selection of high quality pillows.
The pillows are with different fillings, different size and degree of softness.
The maid will deliver you any pillow for one call at the reception.



If you arrived at the hotel before the planned arrival time, and your room is not ready yet - you can leave your belongings in a special luggage room located in the hotel lobby.
Contact the receptionist at the reception and he will give you labels for your luggage.


If you need to print, scan or copy the important documents on a business trip (black and white printing), you can contact the receptionist at the reception.
The service is provided free of charge only for 5 sheets.